My background, styles and philosophy (continued) From 2008 until early 2013 I provided clinical and wellness massage at Living Lotus Massage Clinic in the Northgate area of Seattle. Wherever I practice, I always expect to offer massage therapy that is customized for you, to assist you with recovery from injury or chronic conditions, or for your general well-being.  I am skilled in the following types of massage:     circulatory     deep tissue     injury treatment     sports     Swedish relaxation     pregnancy     myofascial release     neuromuscular release     orthopedic massage My strongest specializations are in sports massage and orthopedic massage.  In 2009 I completed a 100 hour course in orthopedic massage which informs most of my medical massage practice currently.  When I'm working, I'm a facilitator in your process of receiving the massage.  You can speak up and guide me regarding what is appropriate for you at any time and for any reason during the session.  Massage is very subjective as far as what is best for each individual.  I do not believe in 'no pain, no gain', though you might approach a pain threshhold with deep or more vigorous work.  Sometimes we need to get up to the boundary to know where it is in order to chase it away!  I always work within your tolerance.  From many years in clinical and day spa environments, I believe that 'wellness' or 'relaxation' massage is serious massage on its own, and can also enhance injury recovery.  As well, many people cannot relax unless nagging trouble spots are addressed.  Therefore, I've learned how to blend techniques to obtain the best results; together we will determine which techniques are most beneficial for you.  See about massage therapy.  I am committed to providing massage therapy that is safe, beneficial, and enjoyable!
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