My background, styles and philosophy My first experiences with massage therapy were with children.  I observed how they relaxed when they got a little back rub at nap time, and how they awoke in pleasant moods!  That seemed magical to me at first, but I learned how important safe touch is for children, and for all of us.  I began my studies in basic Swedish massage in Seattle in 1984 at Acadia School of Healing Arts.  It was a short program that included anatomy, physiology, ethics, reflexology, and basic practice techniques.  I utilized my skills as a hobby for many years, realizing that I needed more information and instruction.  I completed Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees with emphasis on human biology, taking Anatomy and Physiology classes at a pre-med level.  (I was working toward pre-req's for naturopathic college but changed course.)  Gradually I accumulated continuing education credits in massage techniques.  What really convinced me to make massage a career was a growing interest in sports massage.  I studied Basic and Advanced Event Massage and joined the Washington Sports Massage Team, a large and active committee of the American Massage Therapy Association, Washington Chapter. I found that I enjoyed the faster pace and more vigorous style of sports applications, and it was fun to see new clients at public sports events discovering how effective massage therapy is for optimal performance and recovery from exertion.  I worked with WSMT for many years, directing and co-directing the group for two of those years. WSMT opened up new perspectives on my career, gave me increased confidence as a practitioner, and as a leader and organizer. Then I went to work for almost five years at the Doyle Chiropractic Clinic, where the benefits of massage therapy were apparent every day as an integral part of injury treatment, and as a regular part of health maintenance. Inspa Corporation offered an opportunity to specialize in a very intense Russian- style circulatory massage, and for 12 years I provided deep tissue, circulatory, relaxation, and pregnancy massage.  For about eight of those years I also trained new LMP's in the company's massage styles and protocols.  
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