Tensegrity Massage
About massage therapy Massage therapy can provide many health benefits:     reduce aches and pains in muscles and connective tissues that are related to many kinds of stress including regular physical work, sports or fitness training, pregnancy, overwork or injury, excessive tension, poor posture or ergonomics, emotional overload, or illness     reduce scar tissue adhesions and other tissue restrictions     speed up recovery from injury and illness     enhance your regular fitness workout or your sports routine      help you to move more freely and efficiently     boost your immune system     improve your energy level     help you be in a happier mood     relax your body, calm your mind and help increase mental clarity. Common conditions that can benefit from massage include:     anxiety     arthritis     back pain     bursitis     carpel tunnel syndrome     chronic fatigue     degenerative disk disease     fibromyalgia     fracture     frozen shoulder     headaches     insomnia     plantar fascitis     sciatica     strain/sprain     thoracic outlet syndrome     stiff neck     tmj dysfunction
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